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Analytical Chemistry and Physical Methods of Analysis

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Teaching Semester:4th
Course Direction:Basic Courses
Course Type:Compulsory

Lecture Hours Lab Hours Exercise Hours
2 3 0

Course Overview

Introduction: Sample and Sampling. Solubility, Ionic Strength, Activity Coefficients. Gravimetric Analysis Theory. Volumetric Analysis Theory. Complex Formation Methods: Oxidation. Reduction Theory. Mathematics of Errors and Evaluation of Experimental Results. Introduction to Physical Methods of Analysis. Electrogravimetric Analysis. Applications: Analysis of Alloys and Ores.
Introduction: Electrometry (Potentiometry, Conductometric Methods, Polarography, Electrophoresis). Optical Methods (Colorimetry, Spectrophotometry (visible, ultraviolet), Flame Photometry, Infra-Red Spectrophotometry, Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry, Emission Spectrography). Thermal Analysis. Gas Analysis. Activation Analysis. Applications of the above Methods in Automatic Control of Chemical Processes and in the Environment.

Teaching Personnel

N. Tzamtzis, Assistant Professor
A. Vgenopoulos
S. Agatzini-Leonardou
Th. Perraki
I. Hatzitheodoridis
A. Pappa, Assistant Professor

Last Updated: February 25, 2007