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Exploitation of Mines I (Introduction - Mine Development)

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Teaching Semester:5th
Course Direction:Basic Courses
Course Type:Compulsory

Lecture Hours Lab Hours Exercise Hours
3 2 0

Course Overview

Introduction: Generally on the Mining Industry. Evolution, Characteristics, Problems, and Perspective of the Mining Industry. The Mineral Wealth of Greece and the Industrialization of the Country. Fundamental Principles and Characteristics of Mine Exploitation. Mine Development - Construction of the Main Opening - Opening up of the Deposit: Factors Influencing Position and Type of Mine Development Works. Technique, Equipment, and Methods for Driving Tunnels, Slopes, and Shafts. Recent Achievements. General Layouts of the Underground Works in Order to Prepare the Deposit for Mining. Economic Study.

Teaching Personnel

K. Modis

Last Updated: February 25, 2007