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Geology I

Code Number:
Teaching Semester:1st
Course Direction:Basic Courses
Course Type:Compulsory

Lecture Hours Lab Hours Exercise Hours
2 0 0

Course Overview

Introduction (Structure, Composition, Weight, Density, Temperature and Pressure in Earth’s Interior, Earth Magnetism). Geological Time, Composition of Earth’s Solid Mantle, Ore Categories. Elements of Geomorphology: Surface Relief of the Earth, the Changing Face of the Earth, External Morphogenetic Processes. Weathering and Soils. Ground, Hydrogeological Cycle, Underground and Surface Waters. Earth Movements - Landslides, Karst Erosion, Karst Formations, River Erosion. Glaciers - Ice Ages. Wind Action - Deserts, Oceans, Coasts, Islands, Lakes. Human Impact on Geological Environment. Reading and Use of Surveying Maps, Surveying Sections. Mapping of Hydrographic Networks.

Teaching Personnel

Theodora Rondoyanni - Tsiampaou
M. Antoniou

Last Updated: February 25, 2007