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Environment II (Environmental Protection in Mining & Metallurgy

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Teaching Semester:7th
Course Direction:Basic Courses
Course Type:Compulsory

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2 0 2

Course Overview

A. Impact of Mining Activities on the Environment

  1. Introduction – Mining Activities and the Environment: Historical Perspective, Today’s Relation between Mining Activity and the Environment. Global Trends.
  2. Environmental Problems in Quarries (Industrial Minerals and Inert Materials). Visual Pollution – Noise Pollution – Dust Pollution. Case Studies.
  3. Environmental Problems in Marble Quarries. Rejects of Mining and Quarrying Activities. Case Studies.
  4. Environmental Problems in Other Mining Activities (Gold-Mines, etc.). Acid Outflow. Case Studies.
  5. Environmental Problems in Lignite Mines. Remediation of Mining Sites. Case Studies.
  6. Mining Activities and Future Progress in Greece. Perspectives.

B. Importance of Environmental Protection in Metallurgy and Materials Technology Flue Gases.

Flue-Gas Cleaning. Solid-Particles Removal Technologies. Flue-Gas Removal (SO2, Fluoro- and Chloro-Chemical Compounds, etc.). Liquid-Waste Treatment. Solids Retention (Thickening, Filtration). Heavy-Metals Retention (Physical, Chemical and Biological Methods). Acid Outflow. Reduction. Reverse Osmosis. Solid Wastes. Deposition of Solid Wastes (Industrial, Urban, Toxic). Metals, Alloys and Materials Recycling. Dilemma: Environmental Protection or Metallurgical Industries. Applications of Environmental Protection in Metallurgy and Materials Technology.

Teaching Personnel

E. Zevgolis
D. Kaliampakos
A. Xenidis

Last Updated: February 25, 2007