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Teaching Semester:8th
Course Direction:Metallurgical Processes
Course Type:Elective

Lecture Hours Lab Hours Exercise Hours
2 2 0

Course Overview

Introduction. Raw Materials for Hydrometallurgical Processing. Leaching - Thermodynamic Approach, Leaching Reactions, Kinetics, Techniques and Technology (in-situ Leaching, Heap- and-Dump Leaching, Vat Leaching, Agitation Leaching, Microorganisms-Assisted Leaching). Methods for Metals Separation and Recovery from Leaching Liquids - Chemical Precipitation, Ion Exchange, Solvent Extraction, Adsorption, Biosorption. Analysis of Industrial Flowsheets in Hydrometallurgy. Selection of Equipment and Materials in Hydrometallurgical Plants. Pros and Cons of Hydrometallurgy. Comparison with Pyrometallurgy.

Teaching Personnel

S. Agatzini-Leonardou

Last Updated: February 25, 2007