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Environmental Geochemistry

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Teaching Semester:8th
Course Direction:Environmental Engineering and Geo-Environment
Course Type:Elective

Lecture Hours Lab Hours Exercise Hours
2 1 0

Course Overview

Introduction. Release of Main Elements and Trace Elements from the Ground (Soil, Rocks, Geological Formations), the Sea, and the Air. Decomposition. Products of Chemical Decomposition. Main Elements - Trace Elements in Biological Systems. Relations between Ground-Plants-Animals-Humans. Environmental Pollution, Pollution Sources. Deposits as Final Receiver of Pollutants. Methods of Incorporation of Trace Elements in Deposits. Geochemical Mapping. Nuclear Radiation in the Environment. Geochemical Cycle of the Elements. Environmental Geochemistry and Man.

Teaching Personnel

N. Konispoliatis

Last Updated: February 25, 2007