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Methods of Air-Waste Treatment

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Teaching Semester:8th
Course Direction:Environmental Engineering and Geo-Environment
Course Type:Elective

Lecture Hours Lab Hours Exercise Hours
2 0 1

Course Overview

Atmospheric Pollution from Mining and Metallurgical Activities. Types and Origin of Atmospheric (Industrial and Urban) Pollutants. Methods for Treatment of Atmospheric Pollution. Pollutant Retention. Legal, Administrative and Planning Measures. Theory and Technology of Pollutants Removal from Air Waste. SO2 Retention. H2SO4 and S Production. Retention of Fluoro-, Chloro-, and N-Compounds. Volatile CH4 and CO. Energy Consumption of Antipollution Units. Air-Waste Dispersion in the Atmosphere from Stacks. Stack Calculations. Ground Concentration Calculations. Dispersion Models for Atmospheric Pollutants. Acid Rain. Site Selection for Industrial Activities. Environmental Impact of Air Waste. Importance of Atmospheric Pollution with regard to Water and Ground Pollution. Comparison between Wet and Dry Removal Methods for Air Waste. Selection of Treatment Method for Air Waste. Dust Recycling from Air Waste in Metallurgical Processes. Examples of Air-Waste Treatment from the Mining and Metallurgical Industries, and Industries dealing with Minerals Processing, Cement, Limestone, Refractories, Inerts, etc.

Teaching Personnel

E. Zevgolis
A. Xenidis

Last Updated: February 25, 2007