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Solid Waste Treatment - Materials Recycling

Code Number:
Teaching Semester:9th
Course Direction:Environmental Engineering and Geo-Environment
Course Type:Elective

Lecture Hours Lab Hours Exercise Hours
2 0 0

Course Overview

Introduction (social, environmental and political considerations). Sources of solid wastes. Composition, characteristics, and sampling of wastes. Legislation for solid wastes. Collection, transportation, storage, disposal. Selection at the source (methods, equipment, etc.). Recycling and reuse of materials (separation methods, equipment, composting, pyrolysis, gasification). Economic analysis. Flow-sheets. Design principles for waste disposal. Integrated disposal systems. Solid waste processing. Disposal sites. Risk assessment from disposal sites. Solid wastes from mining activities. Solid wastes from metallurgical activities and minerals processing.

Teaching Personnel

G. Anastassakis
D. Kaliampakos

Last Updated: February 25, 2007