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Support of Underground Excavations

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Teaching Semester:8th
Course Direction:Mining Engineering
Course Type:Elective

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Course Overview

Elastic and elastoplastic stress analysis around longitudinal underground openings within hard, soft or squeezing rock mass, macroscopically considered as continuous medium interacting with the support. Displacements, overstressing zones, shape of section suitability, and support pressure required with its stages of application.

Initial support measures, commonly employed for the conventional construction of longitudinal as well as spatial underground openings, such as: steel arches, shotcrete linings, rock bolts, etc. Dimensioning, considering rock-support interaction, for preserving the macroscopic rock mass integrity, even after overstressing.

Analysis of rock mass response, considered as a discontinuum. Behavior of discrete rock blocks formed either from the intersection of discontinuities of blocky rocks or of rock bedding layers of sedimentary rocks. Tunnel face stability analysis, either due to the discontinuous rock structure or due to overloading. Methods and diagrams for calculating the required support, such as bolts, etc.

Support measures and their dimensioning, for common underground exploitations such as: natural support for room and pillar mining, artificial support using backfill for cut and fill mining, props - beams or hydraulic support for longwall mining.

Operational, economic and environmental issues. Tutorials and assignments.

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Last Updated: February 25, 2007