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Geology and Economic Geology of Greece

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Teaching Semester:8th
Course Direction:Pool Courses
Course Type:Elective

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Course Overview

Geological Structure of the Greek Area. Evolution of the Tethys Alpine System. Pre-Alpine and Alpine Greece. The Geotectonic Zones of Greece. Internal and External Zones. Geological Characteristics and Palaeogeographic Evolution. Ore Deposits of the Internal Zones. Description of Important Chromitic, Magnesitic, Fe-Ni, P.B.G. Ore Deposits. Ore Deposits of the External Zones: Bauxites - Evaporites. Ore Deposits in Post-Alpine Geological Formations. Metallogenic Areas and Ages in Greece. Prospects of Development and Exploration of the Mineral Wealth of Greece.

Teaching Personnel

P. Antoniadis
Th. Rondoyanni

Last Updated: February 25, 2007