Elements of Machining

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Teaching Semester:8th
Course Direction:Pool Courses
Course Type:Elective

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Course Overview

Introduction. Basic Machining Elements (Chip Formation, Cutting Forces/Power, Surface Quality, Tool Wearing, Cutting Liquids). Cutting Tools. Traditional Machining Methods (Lathe, Boring Tool, Plane, Milling Machine, Gear-Cutters, Machining Centers, Broaching Machine, Grinding Machine). Non-Traditional Machining Methods (Electric Discharge, Ultrasonic, (Abrasive) Water Jet, Spark Erosion, Electrochemical Machining, Electron Beam Machining, Laser Beam Machining, Other Methods). Control Systems of Machine Tools. Machinability of Various Materials. Applications in Production (Product Design/Material Selection, Method Selection/Machine Tool Selection, Cutting Tool Selection, Machining Parameter Determination). Machining Measurements.

Teaching Personnel

P. Tsalapatis

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