Thesis Work

The last semester thesis work (Diploma Thesis) is an extended work (analytical or design work or based on an application), which is essential for the students in order to obtain their diploma of an NTUA Engineer. This thesis work gives the students the opportunity to integrate their knowledge and to present their ability to carry out research on a topic of their specialty. It has both in name and substance, the level, content, and duration of an M.Sc. of equivalent Anglosaxon Universities. Thus, NTUA offers the student in the last semesters the integration of knowledge in his/her specialty which was given during the 5-year period of study.

The thesis work is carried out exclusively during the 10th semester, when the student does not attend any course work. During the 9th semester the student applies to the Secretariat of the Department and selects the course within which the thesis is to be carried out under the supervision of the professor who taught it or taught a course nearest the subject matter.

The text of the thesis must include, apart from the detailed development of the subject matter, the following:

              • Synopsis (150-200 words) and Extended Abstract (300-500 words) in Greek and another foreign language (preferably English)
              • Table of Contents
              • Bibliography

After the completion of writing of the thesis work, the student is subjected to an oral public examination of a minimum of 30 minutes duration, by a three-member examining committee. This committee is proposed by the General Assembly of the Section and confirmed by the General Assembly of the School or by the executive council of the School, if it has been so authorized. This can only be done after the student has passed successfully all the courses as mentioned in the curriculum, and after the thesis has been accepted by the supervising professor. The final submission of the thesis has to be within the deadlines set by the Academic Calendar and certainly no less than 10 days before the date set for the oral examination. The thesis is submitted first to the Secretariat of the Section in 3 copies, which are distributed directly to the 3 members of the examining committee. The final approved copy remains with the supervisor, while 2 other copies must be submitted, one to be kept at the Section Library and the other to be kept at the Central Library of NTUA. These copies are available for borrowing by anyone interested.

The main criteria of thesis evaluation are given below, while the weighting factors for each one of them may vary, according to the nature of the subject, and are assessed by the examining committee:

  1. The level of up-to-date references in the bibliography.
  2. The acquisition of specialized data (through lab experiments or field data or results by theoretical calculations).
  3. The logical sequence (e.g., processing of collected data, formulation of mathematical modeling, computer simulations, case studies, discussion of results).
  4. The thesis structure and its written presentation, e.g. text flow, correct use of terminology and language, precise presentation of concepts, scientifically correct deductions and conclusions, etc.
  5. Its originality.
  6. The student’s zeal and initiatives.
  7. The oral presentation of the thesis.

The final mark of the thesis is calculated as the average of the marks of the 3 examiners, rounded to the closest integer or half unit of an integer.


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